Festivals : The Niagara Jazz festival

Festivals : The Niagara Jazz festival - artist playing piano

One of the most sought after festivals in Canada is the Niagara Jazz Festival. This year the festival starts on July 22nd with a free exhibition at Niagara Art Centre in Ontario. Jazz artists from all over the world will come to entertain the crowd that gathers every year for the ‘on the lake event’. This year the event is sponsored by iYellow Wine Club and has a special wine tour with Jazz after the main festival.

The artists will be performing at all the wineries from Toronto to Megalomaniac Winery. This is a Festivals for music and wine lovers from around the world. Wine and music both flow together to give a feeling that you can’t get anywhere else. Niagara Veg Fest is one of the partners which means there will be exotic vegetables and fruits available for you while you are soaking in the music and wine. The tickets to the flagship event on 25th July are fast selling. If you want to attend the main event book your tickets now.


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